PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full

PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full

PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full

PointerFocus 2.2

PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full is a Windows that is the application that is handy presenters, trainers, and teachers who want to emphasize their mouse pointer. The application offers some functions that are easy-to-use as highlight cursor, mouse limelight, keystroke visualization, magnifier and annotation that is on-screen.
With aid from PointerFocus, you can keep your market concentrate in the marketplace that is certain your demonstration more understandable
Highlight mouse pointer with a mixed group that is colored and when you click on the mouse key the ring animation can show your mouse click actions to your audience.
Keystroke visualization can show your audience which shortcuts you’ve gotten directly pressed. This feature can help you make your demonstration more understandable.
Mouse Spotlight – as soon as you choose this product, it shall dim the spot and screen a “spotlight” around your mouse pointer. This may focus your market’s attention to the area that is definite of.
On-Screen Annotation Pen – whenever you decide on this device, you could make use of your mouse pointer annotate any part that is appropriate for a screen with customized color and pen width.
Screen Magnifier – whenever you decide on this tool, you can show your market details of any part that is right the screen. Screen Magnifier
Android Remote Control – You can make usage of Android App to remote control mouse actions and PointerFocus functions

PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full

A Windows program which highlights your mouse cursor, covering it having a group that is yellowish but also displaying any key combination for fixing this problem, you might make utilization of the PointerFocus application. Thus, anyone can realize your desire to watch your mouse movement or efficiently additionally shortcut keys more the presentation is better understood.

Following this system is initiated and launched, the user should be able to stimulate the mouse cursor highlight together with the combination that is key by using secrets which are hot. Besides that, PointerFocus can let you also compose on your desktop directly and make annotations that can easily be different. Additionally, there is a magnifying choice available, which allows anyone to check out details that are different your presentation more demonstrably.

The average person will be able to customize the color that is showcasing the mouse cursor and also customize this method’s functionality, like modifying the magnifier’s zoom degree by accessing the options area of PointerFocus. Just in case someone doesn’t have a handy control that is remote the laptop he is using for running the presentation, he can use the unique Android application makes it possible for controlling PointerFocus from any smartphone that is android-enabled.

PointerFocus 2.2 Serial Key & Crack Download Free Full

Who needs PointerFocus?

  • Instructors
  • Presenters
  • Demo Makers
  • Trainers


  • It might highlight the mouse cursor and also show pressed tips which are hot enabling you to run presentations more efficiently.
  • Besides that, you’re allowed because of it to create and work out annotations directly on your desktop.
  • Moreover, the color that is showcasing the magnifier’s zoom level is effortlessly modified from the options area.


  • Your choices section may necessitate time that’s right the individual to have used to it.
  • PointerFocus allows any presentation is run by you better, by highlighting the mouse cursor and displaying pushed keys that are the shortcut.

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