Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92 Download [2017]

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92 Download [2017]

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92 Download [2017]

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92:

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92 is a technology that is versatile that provides you all the possible features plus the safety and privacy. Start-up times, fast graphics rendering and page load speed that is improved. Dragon provides browsing that is uninterrupted there’s crash into the plug-in, simply refresh the page. Dragon’s window is streamlined, simple and easy clean. It’s search that is combined, and bar makes it easy to search and navigate the internet, all from a box.

Familiar interface and choices:

The GUI matches in Chrome, and some of their features are shared since well. It’s possible to browse pages that are multiple numerous tabs, import bookmarks off their browsers and manage them efficiently, along with the sign in having a Google account to synchronise data across all devices, to name but several.

Features Of Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92:

  • Enhanced Privacy over Chromium
  • Easy SSL Certificate Identification
  • Fast Website Access
  • Greater Stability and Less Memory Bloat
  • Incognito Mode Stops Cookies, Improves Privacy
  • Incredibly simple to switch from your Browser to your Dragon.
  • added support for extra Audio/Video codecs e.g. AAC,MP3/H.264
  • Enhanced HTTPS details over Chromium;
  • Improved EV notification that is certificate
  • Improvements to MediaDownloader;
  • Addition for the Wine vines DRM Plug-in which means support for such sites are Amazon Video and Netflix.

What is brand new?

  1. Keep you secure and safe
  2. Give you speed that is unsurpassed
  3. Friendly individual software to start out
  4. Provide Customised plugins and add-ons
  5. End crashes or windows which can be frozen

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 57.0.2987.92 Download [2017]

Chromium motor: Dragon is constructed on Google’s Chromium web browser engine, the core that is same the Chrome web browser uses.

Google Account: Dragon’s suitable for many Chrome extras, including themes, plug-ins, and extensions. You can register and access your Google Account from Dragon, too.

Secure: Dragon improves Chromium’s security with original features like Domain Validation technology, which can inform real SSL certificates from wrong people. Dragon enhances privacy by blocking download monitoring.


I merely wished to share that there’s a brand new web that is protected called Comodo Dragon. It is much more secure, is not hard to use, has performance that is smooth, and it is stable. It’s an alternative that is high Chrome! Just desired to tell you to test your Concrete sites thoroughly on it.

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